Government cooperation in geoinformatics

UTU Geospatial Labs participates in the work of PATINE (Paikkatietoasiain neuvottelukunta). It is an advisory board whose task is to monitor the development of the finnish national SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) and to launch and follow the implementation of the National Geographic Information Strategy. The board comprises of members from the most central organizations engaged with GIS in Finland.

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) work together with UTU Geospatial Labs in GIS, nature and planning related projects.

GTK (Geological survey of Finland) works in collaboration with UTU Geospatial Labs in issues related to assessment, research and sustainable use of Earth resources.

The Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI) and UTU Geospatial Labs work in collaboration in different research projects and in the development of spatial data infrastructures.

Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE) and UTU Geospatial Labs work together in food and natural resources related research. Co-operative tasks happen in four different sectors of expertise including forests, food production, fishing and game.

Metsähallitus is mostly focused on topics related to usage of natural resources.