UTU Geospatial Data Service

UTU Geospatial Data Service is an open science geospatial data sharing solution where individual researchers or research groups can share and store their geospatial data. Uploading and sharing data is possible for registered users (UTU staff and students). Other users – community members or visitors – can then explore, view and download these shared datasets. Users can also combine layers and create maps with the map function. Exploring does not require registration. 

Technical platform for UTU Geospatial Data Service is Geonode, which is a geospatial data management platform based on open-source technologies (Geoserver, PostGIS, geonode.org). The map interface is provided by open-source solutions OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap. UTU Geospatial Data Service is a part of the data infrastructure of University of Turku.

Visit the UTU Geospatial Data Service at: