Publications and posters

This page presents recent geospatial research publications and posters on different topics from the University of Turku.

Peer-reviewed publications – 2021

Fagerholm N, Raymond CM, Olafsson AS, Brown G, Rinne T, Hasanzadeh K,  Broberg A, Kyttä M (2021). A methodological framework for analysis of participatory mapping data in research, planning, and management. International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

Peer-reviewed publications – 2020

Chaves PP, Reategui Echeverri N, Ruokolainen K, Kalliola R, Van doninck J, Gómez Rivero E, Zuquim G, Tuomisto H (2020). Using forestry inventories and satellite imagery to assess floristic variation in bamboo-dominated forests in Peruvian Amazonia. Journal of Vegetation Science, Early View.

Syrjälä J, Kalliola R, Pajala J (2020). Underwater Acoustic Environment of Coastal Sea With Heavy Shipping Traffic: NE Baltic Sea During Wintertime. Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 589141.

Salmela J, Kasvi E, Alho P (2020). River plume and sediment transport seasonality in a non-tidal semi-enclosed brackish water estuary of the Baltic Sea. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 245, 106986.

Sahla M, Tolvanen H, Ruuskanen A, Kurvinen L (2020). Assessing long term change of Fucus spp. communities in the northern Baltic Sea using monitoring data and spatial modeling. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 245, 107023.

Ahokangas E, Maries G, Mäkinen J, Pasanen A, Malehmir A, Heinonen S, Pajunen M (2020). Geophysical characterization of late-Quaternary glaciofluvial complex and glacial stratigraphy in the Satakunta sandstone area, Köyliö, southwest Finland. Quaternary Research, First view, 1–19.

Karimi A, Yazdandad H, Fagerholm N (2020). Evaluating social perceptions of ecosystem services, biodiversity, and land management: Trade-offs, synergies and implications for landscape planning and management (2020). Ecosystem Services 45, 101188.

Xu H, Zhao G, Fagerholm N, Primdahl J, Plieninger T (2020). Participatory mapping of cultural ecosystem services for landscape corridor planning: A case study of the Silk Roads corridor in Zhangye, China. Journal of Environmental Management 264, 110458.

Ahokangas E, Mäkinen J, Artimo A, Pasanen A, Vanhala H (2020). Interlobate esker aquifer characterization by high resolution seismic reflection method with landstreamer in SW Finland. Journal of Applied Geophysics 177, 104014.

Lotsari E, Dietze M, Kämäri M, Alho P, Kasvi E (2020). Macro-Turbulent Flow and Its Impacts on Sediment Transport Potential of a Subarctic River during Ice-Covered and Open-Channel Conditions. Water 12:7, 1874.

Paulin J, Kurola J, Salanterä S, Moen H, Guragain N, Koivisto M, Käyhkö N, Aaltonen V, Iirola T (2020). Changing Role of EMS -Analyses of Non-Conveyed and Conveyed Patients in Finland. Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine 28, 45.

Koskikala J, Kisanga D, Käyhkö N (2020). Biophysical regions of the Southern Highlands, Tanzania: regionalization in a data scarce environment with open geospatial data and statistical methods. Journal of Maps 16:2, 376–387.

Chaves PP, Zuquim G, Ruokolainen K, Van doninck J, Kalliola R, Gómez Rivero E, Tuomisto H (2020). Mapping Floristic Patterns of Trees in Peruvian Amazonia Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning. Remote Sensing 12:9, 1523.

Koskikala J, Kukkonen M, Käyhkö N (2020). Mapping Natural Forest Remnants with Multi-Source and Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data for More Informed Management of Global Biodiversity Hotspots. Remote Sensing 12:9, 1429.

Lotsari E, Hackney C, Salmela J, Kasvi E, Kemp J, Alho P, Darby SE (2020). Sub‐arctic river bank dynamics and driving processes during the open‐channel flow period. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 45:5, 1198–1216.

Raymond CM, Fagerholm N, Kyttä M (2020). Honouring the participatory mapping contributions and enduring legacy of Professor Gregory G. Brown (2020). Applied Geography 116, 102155.

Salmela J, Kasvi E, Vaaja MT, Kaartinen H, Kukko A, Jaakkola A, Alho P (2020). Morphological changes and riffle-pool dynamics related to flow in a meandering river channel based on a 5-year monitoring period using close-range remote sensing. Geomorphology 352, 106982.

Arki V, Koskikala J, Fagerholm N, Kisanga D, Käyhkö N (2020). Associations between local land use/land cover and place-based landscape service patterns in rural Tanzania. Ecosystem Services 41, 101056.

Research posters