The University of Turku and UTU Geospatial Labs are a member in several national and international geospatial research and education networks. Active participation in these networks offers us valuable potential for skills development as well as opportunities to impact geospatial competence development in the higher education and in the society at large. 

The national geospatial networks:

  • FIUGINET (Finnish University Network for Geoinformatics)
  • Lounaistieto (Regional information service in Southwest Finland)

The international geospatial networks:

  • AGILE (Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe) 
  • Copernicus Academy (Expertise and uses of European Space Agency’s satellite data)
  • EARSeL (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories)
  • Geo for All (Open Source Geospatial Foundation’s Committee for Educational outreach)

Partners from the ZAN-SDI project visiting the Regional Council of Southwest Finland together with UTU members.