Geospatial research and education facilities include three different types of computer laboratories. All three laboratories are located at the Geography section in the Natura building.

1]  GIS class (Paikkatietoluokka, room 420.1–420.2) is the largest computer laboratory at the Geography section. With the altogether 33 workstations for the students, it is the main teaching class used for a variety of undergraduate courses. The class is reserved mainly for teaching purposes.

2]  Geospatial modelling lab (room 453) is intended solely for GIS, remote sensing and applied geoinformatics related research and education. The lab has five pc-workstations equipped with double screens for image processing and advanced GIS analyses. Further information about the usage and reservation policy of the lab is found in the working instructions.

3]  Maatila class (room 418) with 9 student computers is available for independent studying and data analysis as well as group working.

The most important desktop software packages for GIS (ArcGIS, QGIS) and Remote Sensing (SNAP) are installed on all the UTU Geospatial Lab computers. The computers are also installed with statistical software SPSS and R.

GIS class is the main teaching laboratory with 33 workstations.