Software (UTU-specific)

The University of Turku promotes open science. We encourage our researchers and students to use open source solutions in acquiring geospatial skills and competence. The open source programs and tools are open for all users and can be installed free of charge. Thus, they are freely usable also on the personal computers of students and staff. The most commonly utilised geospatial open source programs are:

CloudCompare is a 3D point cloud and mesh processing software. While it has been designed to perform comparison between two dense 3D point clouds, it also includes advanced algorithms for more generic point cloud processing tasks.

As free software, CloudCompare can be downloaded and installed free of charge on any computer.

QGIS is a professional GIS application with various built-in functions regarding spatial analysis, data management, data production, and visualization as well as database maintenance, and many more. 

As open source software, QGIS can be downloaded and installed free of charge on any computer.

R is a language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics with an emphasis on geographical statistics modelling and map construction.

As free software, R can be downloaded and installed free of charge on any computer.

SNAP stands for Sentinel Application Platform, which refers to a common software architecture collecting free open source toolboxes designed for image processing of remote sensing data. SNAP is an ESA product, developed jointly by Brockmann Consult, SkyWatch and C-S. It supports several Earth Observation missions.

As an open source platform, SNAP can be downloaded and installed free of charge on any computer.

Besides relying on open source solutions, UTU utilises several commercial geospatial programs in its education and research efforts. The access to these products is UTU-specific though commercial licensing. The most important licensed software package available at UTU is:

ArcGIS Pro is a full-blooded commercial data analysis software for hardcore analysis developed and maintained by ESRI. For example, it includes tools for data processing, management, visualization, automating workflows and creating 3D scenes. The smooth connection to ArcGIS Online enables the sharing of your maps online. 

University of Turku has purchased a campus license of ArcGIS.

For more information about the commonly used geospatial resources, visit the Software section of the Geoportti website that lists common geospatial software from desktop solutions to web services.

In addition to the more general geospatial tools, the UTU Geospatial Labs hosts a list of software designed for more specific tasks:

The Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM) is a powerful modelling suite designed for hydrodynamical simulations on unstructured grids in 1D-2D-3D. It can be used to simulate, for example, storm surges, detailed flows and water levels, waves, as well as sediment transport and morphology.

UTU Geospatial Labs has several licenses.

Fragstats is software originally developed by a development group at the Oregon State University. It is aimed at calculating landscape metrics from categorical raster datasets. 

Fragstats is in the public domain and can therefore be freely distributed and installed on any computer at UTU and elsewhere.

Harava is a survey service for participatory design and community engagement. The map-based survey tool supports crowdsourcing and participatory planning. The platform is developed by Sitowise.

University of Turku has a license.

Maptionnaire is an online platform for creating map-based surveys enabling place-based data collection with citizens and other respondent groups. It is developed by Mapita Ltd.

University of Turku has a common license.

Pix4D is a photogrammetry software suite for drone mapping. The toolset can be used to convert images taken by drone or by hand into georeferenced 2D mosaics, 3D models, and point clouds. The suite also includes image processing and visualisation tools.

UTU Geospatial Labs has a license.

RiSCAN PRO is developed to be the companion software for RIEGL Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanner Systems. It can be used for processing, managing, and storing vast amounts of point cloud data.

UTU Geospatial Labs has a pool of 10 floating licenses.

Trimble Business Center is highly automated desktop software for various geospatial data processing. It focuses on GNSS, optical, and point cloud data set processing and maintenance with additional support for imagery such as aerial images.

UTU Geospatial Labs has a license.

Several software packages are available for installation across UTU. Both the students and the staff can download software from the UTUshop website (requires login). The UTUshop software catalog lists both the open source software and the products requiring campus licences. Software can also be downloaded for personal computers. UTU personnel can also utilise the Software Center to install software in their UTU computers. However, please note that the users are not allowed to install any software on the UTU geospatial lab computers without permission.