Key academic partners and networks in Finland

The Finnish University Network of Geoinformatics (FIUGINET) is a scientific network and co-operation forum for geoinformation sciences in research, education and societal interaction at the university level. It consists of seven Finnish universities and was established in 2008 to pursue and promote the development of common research infrastructural needs within the disciplines working with geospatial information and analysis. Information services are administered by CSC.

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd. is a non-profit, state-owned company administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture. CSC has the task of promoting the operational framework of Finnish research, education, culture and administration.

Finland University is a company that markets and promotes the international education services provided by its owner universities – the University of Tampere, the University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland. The company contributes to the building of sustainable and functioning societies by providing leading-edge educational solutions based on scientific research.

On the local scale, research collaboration in various topics is done in close contact with Åbo Akademi University.