Private sector and UTU geospatial Labs

Geospatial business and collaboration between academia and private sector is a growing fast and there is more and more need in various companies for geospatial experts. UTU encourages students to seek trainee experience in this business field and supports graduates endeavours to be employed or to establish private companies.

FLIC (Finnish Location Information Cluster) promotes co-operation and development of new GIS-products in Finnish business sector. FLIC was established in 2013 and has 35 member organizations under its roof.

Boost Turku is a student-based network for young entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-minded people sharing knowledge among the universities of Turku.

Turku Science Park promotes the utilization of university-based expertise and competitiveness of enterprises as well as generating new business.

ProGIS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen the links between data producers and users and act as a medium.

One of the main forms of collaboration of the UTU Geospatial Labs network is to provide a variety of external research and educational services. Here you can get acquainted with our selection of geospatial expertise and external services