The most commonly used software at UTU Geospatial Labs are listed below. More information concerning individual software can be obtained from the linked home pages.

QGISQGIS is an open source GIS software with various built-in functions regarding spatial analysis, data management, data production, and visualization as well as database maintenance, and many more. Being an open source software, QGIS can be downloaded and installed free of charge on any computer and on such platforms as Microsoft Windows, several Linux distributions, Mac OS, and Android.
ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro is a full-blooded commercial data analysis software for hardcore analysis developed and maintained by ESRI. For example it includes tools for data processing, management, visualization, automating workflows and creating 3D scenes. The smooth connection to ArcGIS Online enables the sharing of your maps online. University of Turku has purchased a campus license of ArcGIS.
ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Online is a cloud based collaborative web GIS enabling you to use, create, and share maps, scenes, apps, layers, analytics, and data. It is an integral part of the ArcGIS system, and it can be used for example to expand the visibility of maps produced in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS Online enables you to share the contents either to a certain specified group or to everyone. It is supported by the most common web browsers.
Erdas ImagineErdas Imagine is a commercial software aimed at remote sensing image processing developed by Hexagon Geospatial. This includes image pre-processing, such as geographic registration and stereo model production, image enhancement, radiometric correction, and visualization. UTU Geospatial Labs has a license pool of 30 floating licenses.
MapInfo ProfessionalMapInfo Professional is a widely used commercial GIS data management, storing, analysis, and visualization developed by Pitney Bowes. UTU Geospatial Labs has a campus license for MapInfo Professional with a floating license policy enabling installation on any computer at UTU.
FragstatsFragstats is a software originally developed by a development group at the Oregon State University. It is aimed at calculating landscape metrics from categorical raster datasets. It is in the public domain and can be installed on any computer at UTU and elsewhere.
eCognitioneCognition is a remote sensing image processing toolset which utilizes automated object-based recognition of landscape patterns developed by Trimble.
MoveMove is of software for geological 2D and 3D modeling developed by Midland Valley. Move offers advanced functionality geomechanical, fracture, and sediment modelling and virtual cross-section development in desktop environment. University of Turku has a pool of 20 floating licenses for Move.
RR is an open source software for statistical computing and graphics with an emphasis on geographical statistics modelling and map construction. It is a freeware software which enables infinite amount of installations on UTU computers.
LeapfrogLeapfrog is a software compilation consisting of various geological modeling software including pure geological rock and ground modelling, hydrological modeling as well as geothermal and mining oriented modeling functionality. University of Turku has a total of 5 licenses for Leapfrog.
Riegl (RiSCAN PRO)RiSCAN PRO is software for laser scanner data processing. It is developed to be used in company of Riegl’s laser scanners for processing, managing, and storing vast amounts of point cloud data.
Trimble Business CenterTrimble Business Center is highly automated desktop software for various geospatial data processing. It focuses on GNSS, optical, and point cloud data set processing and maintenance with additional support for imagery such as aerial images.
TerrSetTerrSet is an integrated geospatial software system for monitoring and modeling the earth system for sustainable development. The TerrSet system incorporates the IDRISI GIS Analysis and IDRISI Image Processing tools along with a constellation of vertical applications.
Delft3D Flexible Mesh SuiteThe Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM) is the successor of the structured Delft3D 4.01 Suite. Like Delft3D 4.01, the Delft3D FM Suite can simulate storm surges, hurricanes, tsunamis, detailed flows and water levels, waves, sediment transport and morphology, water quality and ecology, and is capable of handling the interactions between these processes. The suite is designed for use by domain experts and non-experts alike, which may range from consultants and engineers or contractors, to regulators and government officials, all of whom are active in one or more of the stages of the design, implementation and management cycle
MaptionnaireMaptionnaire is  an online platform for creating map-based surveys enabling place-based data collection with citizens and other respondent groups. It is developed by Mapita Ltd.
HaravaHarava is a map-based survey service for participatory design and community engagement it supports crowdsourcing and participatory planning. The platform is developed by Sitowise.