Geospatial services

UTU Geospatial Labs offers external support and services in geospatial research and education.

Examples of frequently asked services are:

  • Institutional development of geospatial expertize and competences

  • Expert consultations regarding different specialization fields of geospatial research and education

  • Practical GIS and image processing training for government and private sector

  • Data visualization and map-making expertise

Please browse through our publications and other materials at UTU Geospatial pages and contact us for further details on our expertise and services.

Please contact us for more information on our expert services


  • Regional SDI development Lounaistieto (since 2002-)

  • Paikkaoppi is a GIS learning platform for school education (since 2008-)

  • BalticSatApps (2017-2020) aims to advance the development of new solutions and commercial activity that utilize Copernicus earth observation data

  • GEO-ICT Geospatial and ICT capacities in Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions (2017-2019, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, 2017-2020)

  • HEI-GIS Capacities at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2013-2015, Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

  • Resilience Academy (2019-2020) aims at transforming digital assets and geospatial expertise from the Tanzania Urban Resilience Programme to local academia and their international partners.

colorful satellite image

Satellite imagery view on the Amazonian bamboo forest.

map sketch

Geological field observations.

researcher operating a drone by a river

Studying the river dynamics: using a drone to collect aerial images over a river reach.

3D compilation of datasets

Combining a set of drone based aerial images of a river reach into a photo mosaic.