UTU Geospatial Labs gathers information and resources about the geospatial research, education and cooperation activities of the University of Turku under one place for easier access and use. Our key facilities consist of GIS laboratories and units equipped with hardware and software, which are linked into centralised IT management and services. UTU Geospatial Labs facilities provide the backbone for geospatial research and teaching.

Geospatial expertise is founded on multidisciplinary research and education and international cooperation globally. Geospatial experts at UTU are skilled in various location-based data management, analyses and modelling methods. These are developed and applied in natural and social sciences, economics, humanities, medical sciences, public health and education

 The University of Turku promotes open science. We encourage our researchers and students to use open-source solutions in acquiring geospatial skills and competences. UTU Geospatial Labs is a part of Fiuginet, Finnish University Network in Geoinformatics since 2008 and The regional Spatial Data Infrastructure hub in South-West Finland, Lounaistieto, since 2002. In collaboration with the Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research and Education (oGIIR) consortium and FIUGINET we are developing the Hub for Finnish Geospatial Research and Education Resources Geoportti. We are also part of AGILE, Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe and EARSeL, European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories.

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  • Developing a regional Spatial Data Infrastructure in Southwest Finland since the 1990s 14/08/2019
    UTU Geospatial Labs has been involved in the development of a regional Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in Southwest Finland since the end of 1990s. The regional collaboration is organized though the Lounaispaikka network together with other regional actors. Currently Lounaispaikka
  • Join the UTU Geospatial Labs mailing list! 03/06/2019
    The UTU Geospatial Labs mailing list is now open for all interested actors. We welcome you all to join to receive information on the latest activities, events and news related to geospatial research, education and collaboration at the University of
  • ClearTouch Interactive 6065U touch screen now available for use. 23/05/2019
    UTU Geospatial Labs has a new touch screen ClearTouch Interactive 6065U (size 65″, https://www.getcleartouch.com/) to support interactive teaching and research. Touch screen is a tool for collaboration and planning around geospatial data, and much more, and supports also communication in